Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems


Organizer M. Ali Nasseri M. Sc.
Module TBD
Type Master Seminar
Semester WS 2014/2015
ECTS 4.0
Preliminary Talk ??.??.?? at ??:?? Room: ?? (FMI)
Time & Location Block lectures will take place in the room 03.07.023 (FMI)
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Robotic surgery is one of the most fascinating as well as challenging fields today facing both computer scientists and surgeons. This seminar aims to give an overview of the fundamentals and as well as the current developments in the areas of computer vision, control theory and human machine interaction that are relevant to robotic surgery. Here students will prepare a self selected topic for discussion from a set of predetermined aspects of one of the previously mentioned fields as it relates to robotic surgery.

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-- Main.nasseri - 08 Oct 2014