Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems


Organizer Dipl.-Ing. Gereon Hinz
Module IN2106
Type Master Lab Course
Semester SS 2017
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location Mondays, 5pm 03.07.012
Participation Matching System


Contents & Scope

Sensor-performance has got a strong influence on the final system performance of an autonomous vehicle. It directly influences driving comfort and safety. In this course we will implement sensor-models for the different sensor types typical for autonomous vehicles. We will study typical causes for sensor-errors, which lead to false positives, or negatives, or to decreased accuracy. We will develop a small simulation in which we will integrate the developed sensor models . For this simulation we will implement a simple autonomous driving task and study the impact of causes for sensor errors on the performance of the autonomous vehicle. Sensortypes will include radar, lidar, camera, ultrasound and gps.

Required Skills

Very high motivation, well-structured working style, passion for autonomous driving and simulation.