Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Seminar Cognitive Robotics WS2014/15

Organizers Reinhard Lafrenz Alexander Perzylo Nikhil Somani Hendrik Walzel Ahmed Ghazi
Module IN0014, IN2107, IN4734
Type Seminar
Semester WS 2014/15
ECTS 4.0
Time & Location Mon, 10-12, MI 03.07.023


Preliminary Talk (Vorbesprechung)

The preliminary talk will take place on Monday, 13th of October 2014.

Topic Assignment

Date Name Topic Advisor
01.12.14 Stefan Ziaras Intuitive Natural User Interfaces Hendrik
01.12.14 Egor Shevdin Comparison of Input Modalities for HRI Hendrik
08.12.14 Markus Ansorge Intuitive Robot Programming Hendrik
08.12.14 Bogdana Dobudko Augmented Reality for HRI Hendrik
15.12.14 Hanieh Arjomand-Fard Robot Skills Ahmed
12.01.15 Theofanis Papastergiou Semantic Web / Query languages Alex
12.01.15 Nikolai Reischl Description Logics and OWL Alex
19.01.15 David Zhang Semantic Knowledge in Computer Vision Nikhil
19.01.15 Franz Schneider Human Activity Recognition Nikhil
26.01.15 Melek Ljaci Comparison of robot middlewares Ahmed
26.01.15 Daniel Dyrda Gestures for industrial application scenarios Hendrik


In this seminar, selected topics in the field of cognitive systems are discussed, e.g.