Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Seminar Real-time Communication Systems

Organizer Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh M.Sc.
Module TBD
Type Master Seminar
Semester SS 2014
Language English
ECTS 4.0
Preliminary Talk Tu. 28. January 2014 15:30 MI 03.07.023
Time & Location Block lectures will take place in the room 03.07.023 (FMI)


Potential Topics

Topic Assignment

Topic Student
Real-time in SOA-based communication systems Bashar Al-Ani
Real-time communication and DDS Manuel Munoz
Real-time middleware (ICE, CORBA, etc.) Nitin Deshpande
Multicore CPUs and their effects in real-time networks Giuseppe Celentano
Real-time communication in embedded systems Thomas Sennebogen
Time verification of real-time networks Florian Breintner
Real-time networks for real-time video streaming Simon Gabl

Additional material

Interesting ranked conferences


In this seminar, we will focus on the newest research topics in field of real-time communication systems. The usage of real-time communication systems in various fields such as robotics, factory automation, etc is increasing. This leads to new research topics for researchers in this field. The aim of this seminar are getting a deeper understanding of real-time communication systems and writing a paper in a scientific manner. We also simulate the procedure of a conference with deadlines for submission and reviewing papers. This may be interesting for those students which intend a PhD study in future. The authors of the 2 best papers in this seminar are invited to join as co-author for real-world papers. There are also a lot of interesting student theses based on the topics of this seminar.