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Get the visual focus-of-attention

Type MA
Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alois Knoll
Advisor Dr.-Ing. Giorgio Panin, Dipl.-Ing. Claus Lenz
Student ├ľnder Tato
Research Area CoTeSys
Associated Projects ITrackU, JAHIR
Programming Language C++
Required Skills Image Processing, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics
Useful Knowledge Techniques for face/gaze detection, modeling, tracking


The goal of this project is to obtain the focus-of-attention of a person ("where is he/she looking at?") for Human-Robot interaction in the JAHIR scenario.

The proposed methodology involves a real-time, 3D face and gaze tracking system, based on a full textured model of the subject. For this purpose, the OpenTL library of the ITrackU project will be used.

This model can be acquired from two photos (front and profile view), by adapting a generic head model to the facial features (eyes, nose, lips etc.), and subsequently applying the texture images to the model. The current implementation of the modeling procedure is fast, and does not require particular user skills. However, it could be made more interactive and reliable.

The project is then articulated in the following milestones:

Main tasks:

Location: Garching

focus_attention.png focus_attention.png2


For more information about our activity, please refer to our Lectures on Model-based Visual Tracking.