Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Reliable Transport for Resource Constraint Embedded Systems

Type SEP, BA
Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alois Knoll
Advisor Dipl.-Inf. Stephan Sommer
Programming Language C
Language English or German


In embedded systems, the trend goes to distribute applications on multiple nodes connected by a (potentially heterogeneous) network. For these distributed systems, communication is a key part for functionality. The requirements for communication between different services located on distributed computing nodes can differ according to timing and reliability. There can be scenarios where a fire and forget communication pattern is suitable but there are also scenarios (e.g. alarm messages, application reconfiguration) where a reliable message transport across the network is necessary. In common networks like Ethernet, TCP is the de facto standard. But bringing down the heavy weight TCP to resource constraint embedded devices comes with several problems.

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After literature research, a protocol for reliable transport will be designed and implemented in this thesis. The implementation will also be analyzed in comparison to available solutions.