Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Praktikum Robot Kinematic And Dynamic Control SS 2013

Veranstalter Dr. Emmanuel Dean? and M.Sc. Caixia Cai
Modul IN2106
Typ Masterpraktikum
Semester SS 2013
ECTS 10.0
Time & Place Thursdays, at 14:00 in room 01.07.023 (starting 18. April. 2013)
Certificate successful completion of all exercises and final project
Registration By email to one of the organizers. Confirmation via TUMonline

Course Materials

NOTICE: Please take a look on the date and time for the Praktikum.

Session Date Room Topics Materials Exercises Solution
Session 1 18.04.2013 01.07.23 Spatial description (Coordinate Frames)
Session 2 02.05.2013 01.07.23 Forward Kinematics (D-H convention)
Session 3 16.05.2013 01.07.23 Differential Kinematics (Jacobians)
Session 4 23.05.2013 01.07.23 Dynamics 1 (Direct Euler-Lagrange Method)  
Session 5 06.06.2013 01.07.23 Dynamics 2 (Iterative Euler-Lagange method using DH, Robot Regressor)
Session 13.06.2013 01.07.23 Lecture – Spatial Vectors and Robot Dynamics (Dr. Roy Featherstone)
Session 6 20.06.2013 01.07.23 Control 1 – PD and PID Control (Regressor-based) using Passivity Analysis  
Session 7 27.06.2013 01.07.23 Final project  
Session 8 04.07.2013 01.07.23 Final project
Session 9 11.07.2013 01.07.23 Final project
Session 10 18.07.2013 01.07.23 Control 2

Please send your exercises to with the filename: exercises_sessionNumber_yourname.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to Dr. Emmanuel Dean? or M.Sc. Caixia Cai.


Contents of the Lab Course

General Information

Prerequisites for the Praktikum


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M.W. Spong, S. Hutchinson, and M. Vidyasagar. Robot modeling and control. John Wiley & Sons, 2006. [ http ]
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