Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Advanced 3D Visual Tracking Methodologies

Veranstalter Giorgio Panin, Ph.D.
Modul IN3150
Typ Vorlesung
Sprache Englisch
Semester WS 2007/2008
ECTS 3.0
Hörerkreis Wahlfach für Studenten der Informatik (Master, Diploma)
Zeit & Ort Do 10:00 - 12:00 MI 03.07.023
Schein Nach erfolgreiche mündliche Prüfung



The course aims to provide a structured overview of model-based object tracking, with the purpose of estimating and following in real-time the spatial pose (rotation, translation etc.) of one or more objects, by using digital cameras and fast computer vision techniques.

Among the many visual modalities available, we will focus in particular on the following ones:

1. Keypoint-based: Tracking of single point features, followed by least-squares pose estimation.

2. Contour-based: Detection of the object boundary line (also called Active Contours) as it deforms with the object roto-translation.

3. Template-based: Registration of a fully textured surface (Template) to the image gray-level intensities.

For more information, see also our Wiki page.


The course will also provide the following pre-requisites in a self-contained fashion (a basic knowledge would be in any case recommended):