Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Echtzeitsysteme / Eingebettete vernetzte Systeme

Veranstalter Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alois Knoll, Dr. Alejandro Mendoza Garcia
Übungs-Leitung Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh
Modul IN2060
Typ Vorlesung
Semester WS 2014/2015
ECTS 6.0
Hörerkreis Wahlfach für Studenten der Informatik (Bachelor,Informatik)
Vorlesung im Bereich Informatik II (Technische Informatik - Diplomstudiengang)
Wahlpflichtvorlesung im Gebiet Echtzeitsysteme und Robotik
Wahlpflichtvorlesung für Studenten der Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
Pflichtvorlesung für Studenten MW Richtung Mechatronic Bachelor/Masterstudiengang Informatik
Zeit & Ort Do 16:00-20:30, MW 0001
Sprache German & English
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In real-time systems in addition to the correctness of the calculated result the timing at which the result is given is crucial for correct operation. A classic example is the airbag; in the event of an accident the airbag has to inflate within milliseconds, otherwise the driver will be badly injured. Real-time systems can be found in all sectors of industry and in everyday life: robots, cars, airplanes, medical equipment, mobile phones, etc. The course teaches the basic knowledge in this field and gives an insight into current research topics. On the basis of exercises and group assignments, both in class and on the computer, the acquired knowledge will be practically applied and deepened.



Datum Beschreibung
15.10.2015 Introduction
22.10.2015 Time and Clocks (C Tutorial 1)
29.10.2015 Hardware 1 (C Tutorial 2, Exercises_1,Exercise_1_Solution)
5.11.2015 Hardware 2 (C Tutorial 3, Exercise_2, Exercise_2_Solution)
12.11.2015 Real-Time Operating Systems ( Exercise_3,Exercise_3_Solution)
19.11.2015 Modelling ( Assignment)
26.11.2014 Concurrency and Processes (Exercise_4, codeskeleton)
03.12.2015 No Lecture !!!
10.12.2015 Scheduling I(Exercise_5,Exercise_5_Solution)
17.12.2015 Scheduling II (Exercise_6) (solutions presented in the lecture)
07.01.2016 Real-time-Communication ( Exercise_7 (solutions presented in the lecture))
14.01.2016 Guest Lecturer from B&R -- Industry 4.0 (Exercise_8)
21.01.2016 Programming Languages
28.01.2016 Questions & Answers Session and Presentations