Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems

Evaluation of Frameworks for Parallel Applications

Type DA, MA parallel.png
Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alois Knoll
Advisor Dipl.-Inf. Simon Barner
Research Area Embedded Systems
Associated Project EasyKit
Programming Language C/C++
Required Knowledge Threads, processes, synchronization primitives, ...
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The roadmaps of major manufacturers show a soaring trend to parallel computing architectures. Especially the emerging variety of multi-core CPU and current research on many-core systems opens the way for totally new applications. Not only is this due to the increased processing power but also due to lower energy consumption and expected lower production cost (in relation to comparable traditional systems). Thus it is a logical step that after the appearance of multi-core desktop and portable computers, parallel systems continue to leave the area of high-performance systems and begin to reach the domain of embedded systems. For a successful transition from single-core to multi-core systems, scalable programming techniques are a challenging eld of current research.


The subject of this student project is to evaluate frameworks that abstract the execution of tasks on multi-processor, multi-core systems and distributed systems. The evalation should especially focus on how these approaches can be directly used for embedded real-time systems or if/how they can be adopted accordingly. The analysis shall emphasize the tness of the frameworks for use with automatic code generators such as for example found in the model-driven develeopment tool EasyLab that has been created in the course of the EasyKit project. Tasks

This student project consists of the following tasks:


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