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Innovative Tools for Development and Didactics of Mechatronic Systems

The design of mechatronic systems involves the disciplines of mechanics, electronics and software. The goal of the EasyKit project is to speed up the development process of mechatronic systems by parallelizing the development of these disciplines, hence minimizing development time and increasing reliability through reusability. EasyKit consists of a library of hardware and software modules and the model-based development tool EasyLab. The hardware modules from the Match-X construction kit enable fast assembly of mechatronic systems.

Match-X building blocks   EasyKit Starter Didactic Set   Demonstration setup: pneumatic cylinder

The development environment EasyLab offers data flow-oriented as well as state-oriented modeling of the software for the mechatronic application. A palette of software building blocks reflects the modular structure of the hardware components. The modeled application logic is used to generate source code that is especially suitable for resourceconfined target platforms.

EasyLab: Data-flow modelling language

EasyLab: Sequence chart modelling language

At the same time, we are developing meaningful experimental setups in association with our partners from the industry and academic aera, which demonstrate the efficiency of the system.

This work is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).






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