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Seminar Computer Vision & Visual Tracking for Robotic Applications

Titel Computer Vision & Visual Tracking for Robotic Applications
Veranstalter Dr. Claus Lenz, Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Klose, Dipl.-Inf. Philipp Heise
Modul IN8901
Typ Hauptseminar
Semester SS 2012
ECTS 4.0
Vorbesprechung Mi 8. Februar 2012 14:00 MI 03.07.023
Zeit & Ort Raum: 03.07.023, 14:15-16:00
  Di 24.04.2012 Terminvergabe (Auslosung) für Vortrag
  Di 05.06.2012
  Di 12.06.2012
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  Di 26.06.2012
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Datum Topic Vortragender Betreuer Slides
05.06. Comparing Bag of Words approaches Felix Schmid Dr. Claus Lenz pdf
05.06. Survey: Quadrocopter Applications Sebastian Brunner Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Klose pdf
05.06. Overview of RGBD-SLAM Approaches Tobias Hollarek Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Klose pdf
12.06. Monocular 6D realtime face tracking Alina Roitberg Dr. Claus Lenz pdf
12.06. Realtime 3D Reconstruction and Localization Robert Maier Dipl.-Inf. Philipp Heise pdf
19.06. Sparsity in Keyframe-based SLAM Matej Svejda Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Klose pdf
19.06. Comparison of Binary feature descriptors (ORB and BRISK) Nicolai Schaffroth Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Klose pdf
26.06. Inferring human poses from a single depth image (Kinect Algorithm) Benjamin Steer Dipl.-Inf. Philipp Heise pdf
26.06. Geodesic Image and Video Editing Börge Kessner Dipl.-Inf. Philipp Heise pdf
26.06. Visual Servoing using Mutual Information Christian Rupprecht Dr. Claus Lenz pdf


In this seminar students will aquire and present various topics in the area of computer vision and vision-based tracking with a focus towards robotics. Students can choose from recent topics in these areas.