Technische Universität München Robotics and Embedded Systems


Organizer Dipl.-Inf. Philipp Heise, Dipl.-Inf. Brian Jensen
Module IN2106
Type Masterpraktikum
Semester SS 2014
ECTS 10.0
Time & Location To be determined
Preliminary Talk / Vorbesprechung Wednesday, 29.01.2014 at 13:30 in room 03.07.023
Certificate successful completion of all exercises
Registration By email to one of the organizers. Confirmation via TUMonline

Course Materials

Date Due Topics Slides Assignment Sheet
08.04.2014 24.04.2014 Harris Corner Detection and ROS familiarization
pdf pdf
24.04.2014 06.05.2014 Feature descriptors and matching, ROC Challenge
pdf pdf
06.05.2014 27.05.2014 Stereo Visual Odometry
pdf pdf
27.05.2014 12.06.2014 Dense Stereo Matching
- pdf
12.06.2014 08.07.2014 Final Projects pdf -

Final Projects

Team Project Proposal Final
Bug Busters Freespace, Ground-plane estimation and IPM
pdf pdf
Lenna Object detection and
 pose estimation using Features and PnP
pdf pdf
Triforce Ferns for traffic sign detection
pdf pdf
Visionaries Feature based Template Tracking
pdf pdf

ROC Challenge Results

Team Challenge Dataset results
Overall overall results of all teams
Bug Busters Team Bug Busters results
Lenna Team Lenna results
Triforce Team Triforce results
Visionaries Team Visionaries results



This lab course will cover various interesting topics of Computer Vision useful for Robotic applications. The participants will start by implementing some fundamental computer vision algorithms. These basic components will be iteratively expanded as the course progresses resulting in the creation of a full featured visual processing pipeline that in turn can be used to solve complex robotic tasks, in particular SLAM. Participants will then select a specific project from a range of final project topics to further expand their skills and knowledge in desired area of computer vision as the completion of this course.

Selection of possibly covered Topics

General Information